Standard Gray Block

Midwest Block and Brick manufactures standard gray masonry units in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet any requirement.

All standard gray block are manufactured with high quality aggregates and meet or exceed ASTM-C90 blocks for load bearing concrete masonry units. Midwest regularly conducts independent testing to measure compliance with this ASTM standard. For a current copy of these test results, please see your sales representative.

  • Unit Density

  • Fire Ratings

    The fire ratings for concrete masonry units manufactured by Midwest Block and Brick were determined by the equivalent thickness method detailed in ACI 216.1. This standard has been adopted by the International Building Code (IBC) as the approved method for determining fire resistant rating for masonry units.

  • Structural Characteristics

  • Energy Performance

  • Green Aspects

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  • Design Details

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  • New Products


    There are many reasons to use ProBlock over a traditional CMU. The obvious benefits are the lightweight properties of the block themselves. The lightweight allows the block installation to be faster. The quicker a mason can put block into a wall the greater productivity for that day. This productivity also comes with less stress on the masons working on the wall and the laborers tending to those masons. It takes less energy to lay ProBlock. In addition to the increase productivity, there is also an increase in safety and performance. The less a block weighs, the less likely it is for a mason to incur a repetitive injury.

    In addition to increased production, ProBlock has a greater R-Value and fire rating than a normal CMU. Due to the innovative design of the open cell, ProBlock reduces the thermal transfer of a traditional CMU by one-third. As a result heat and energy have a more difficult time transferring through the block allowing for better insulation against hot and cold weather and better resistance to fire in the case of an emergency.